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Over the last few years, the number of cars on the roads has increased enormously and so have the number of accidents. Car accidents occur under various circumstances. Most of them take place due to some common reasons. But there are a few unusual scenarios in which car accidents happen. In such situations, it may be difficult to find out who is responsible for the accident. Therefore, arriving at a fair settlement can be come a challenging task. Let’s discuss some of these unusual situations and what you can do to protect your rights after an automobile accident.

What to Do in These Unusual Situations

Police are not present on the scene — If it is a minor accident or if the accident occurs in a place away from the patrol area, the police may not be present. Sometimes, the weather conditions may make it impossible for the police to arrive.

In such a situation, the driver should file a police report himself. He can do this personally or online. He should note down all the details of the accident and also collect photos of the scene. All this can help prove your claim and get fair compensation from the liable party for the injuries and damages incurred.

The car accident is caused intentionally — At times, drivers cause accidents on purpose to benefit from the settlements. They play tricks with the other driver. For example, they ask a driver to change lanes and then increase their speed and crash into his vehicle. Or they may apply their brakes suddenly and cause rear-end accidents. They may also try to collide with a car at the intersection, where it is hard to find out who is at fault.

The driver who is a victim of a staged accident will greatly benefit from getting in touch with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. If he does not take any action, it might give an impression that he is at fault, and he may find it challenging to get the compensation he deserves.

Multiple vehicles are involved in the accident —Generally, it is easy to determine who is responsible for a car accident. However, this may be a difficult task if several vehicles are involved in the accident. For instance, a car may lose traction when snow is on the road and hit another vehicle. There may be a chain reaction, multiple vehicles may hit each other, and there may be a pile-up.

A driver involved in such an accident should collect the contact information of the other drivers and the passengers involved in the collision and categorize them according to the vehicles they were riding. Then he may seek the assistance of a lawyer who can use the testimony of witnesses, the available evidence, and police records to determine which driver was responsible for the accident.

These are some unusual situations under which accidents occur and in which it is often difficult to get a fair car accident settlement. In such cases, it is highly recommended to seek help from a St. Louis auto accident attorney.

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