St. Louis Teen Driver — What Should You Know About Selecting a First Car?

Ask any driver, and they can probably still remember the day they obtained their driver’s license. It is a thrilling moment both for the teen and the parents. Teens are excited about their newfound independence, while parents are happy that the days of carpooling and dropping their kids off everywhere are finally over.

However, with the excitement comes stress. Teenage drivers are three times more likely to get into an accident than drivers of all ages. That’s because they lack the experience, and they tend to engage in dangerous behaviors more than adult drivers.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to minimize the risk of accidents. And, it all starts with the car they will drive.

Stay Away from Vehicles That Encourage Reckless Driving

Your teenage son may go on and on about the sports car he’s been dreaming about since he was a kid, but turning his wish into reality may not be the best idea. Vehicles with high horsepower may tempt your teen to drive above the speeding limit to test its performance.

More than that, sports cars have a higher center of gravity, which makes them more unstable than a bigger car, for example. So, if your teen gets distracted, steer the vehicle abruptly, the chances of a rollover accident are relatively high.

Pick a Car with Lots of Safety Features

Most cars nowadays have numerous safety features. We’re talking here about airbags, blind-spot monitoring, cruise control, and so on.

Here’s a list of the safest old cars for teens, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS.)

Is Bigger Better?

IIHS recommends bigger, sturdier cars for teenage drivers since these vehicles offer more stability and crash protection than a smaller car. However, large vehicles can be quite expensive, and you may be tempted to opt for a small car, which is not only more affordable but easy to maneuver too. A good compromise may be to opt for a mid-size car. They offer crash protection, are small enough to drive easily (especially in a big and crowded city), and are quite affordable.

Has Your Teen Been Injured in a Car Accident?

The hard reality about driving is that accidents can still happen no matter how many precautions we take. If your teen driver has been hurt in an accident, reach out to a St. Louis car injury lawyer. They can help you navigate the legal process and get fair compensation for your suffering.

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