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Hit and run accidents are a major problem in the United States, and these incidents can often be catastrophic.

To reduce the number of hit and run accidents, many states have enacted legislation to make it easier for victims to sue their perpetrators. In fact, there has recently been a push for stricter penalties for those who commit hit-and-run crimes.

Understanding how a Hit and Run Accident is Defined

A hit and run accident is an incident in which a driver of a vehicle collides with another vehicle or person and then leaves the scene without providing their name, contact information, or assistance. This can be either intentional or unintentional.

Some Common Mistakes People Make After A Hit And Run Accident

It is important to stay calm and think clearly after an accident. Hit-and-run accidents are a crime, not just a fender bender. If you suspect someone has hit your car and left the scene, call the police immediately and wait for them to arrive.

You should also take pictures of the damage to your car and write down any information about the other vehicle involved in the accident. This will help you with police investigation process.

If you have been injured in an accident, it is important that you go to a hospital or doctor as soon as possible. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you are fine after a car accident. Injury symptoms can often take days or even weeks to appear.

What Actions Should You Take if You Are Involved in A Hit And Run?

If you are involved in a hit and run, there are several actions that you can take to ensure that you receive the care that you need.

You should call the police as soon as possible to report the incident. You should also collect any information about the other driver, such as their license plate number, vehicle make and model, or any other identifying information.

Additionally, it is important to seek medical attention right away. If your injuries are severe enough that they require hospitalization or surgery, it is important to go directly to an emergency room so that they can get stabilized before undergoing treatment.

Speak With a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer

You should also consider speaking with an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney about your legal rights after a hit and run car accident. In Missouri, hit and run accidents are generally covered by your own insurance. An attorney can help ensure that your legal rights are protected and that your insurance company does not try to minimize or deny your claim.

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