Preventing Car Accidents In St. Louis At Night — 5 Tips for Pedestrians

Nearly 6,000 pedestrians are killed in traffic crashes each year in the US, and more than 137,000 pedestrians have to be treated for nonfatal, crash-related injuries.

Crashes involving a car and a pedestrian almost always have disastrous consequences, so it’s up to drivers and pedestrians alike to take steps to prevent car accidents — especially at night when the majority of fatal car accidents occur to pedestrians.

Let’s discuss how you can protect yourself when walking at night in St. Louis.

1. Wear Reflective Safety Clothing At Night Or Carry A Light

If you are walking in a dimly-lit area, wear a reflective safety vest or a jacket with built-in reflective strips. Unless you’re wearing reflective clothing, it may be impossible for cars to see you until it’s too late.

You may also want to consider carrying a flashlight, wearing a headlamp, or wearing a safety vest or device with integrated flashing lights. This will help you see better at night and be much more visible to drivers.

2. Use Designated Crosswalks & Intersections Whenever Possible

Jaywalking is very dangerous at night. Drivers may not be expecting a pedestrian outside of a designated crosswalk or intersection and may not respond properly if you walk in front of their vehicle. Therefore, it is important to use crosswalks and avoid jaywalking.

3. Don’t Text and Walk

Looking at a phone or electronic device is dangerous when walking. It reduces your situational awareness, much like texting and driving.

An additional problem at night is that looking at your phone can harm your night vision and make it harder to see your surroundings once you look up from your phone or another device.

4. Avoid Listening To Music

As a rule, it’s best to avoid wearing earbuds or listening to music when walking. If you can’t hear, you may not hear an approaching vehicle or other sounds that could help you stay safe when walking at night in St. Louis.

5. Don’t Walk On The Road

Always stay on designated paths and sidewalks when possible.

If for some reason you must walk where there is no sidewalk and you must walk on the shoulder of the road, you should walk on the side of the road facing traffic — this means that you will be able to see approaching cars as they come toward you and stay safe by moving to the side of the road.

Hit By A Car While Walking At Night? Get Legal Help

At The Hoffmann Law Firm, our car accident attorneys in St. Louis can help you fight for the compensation you deserve if you’re a pedestrian who was hit by a car while walking at night.

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