5 Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

If you have been involved or hurt in an automobile accident, your reaction to the situation will likely play a big role in whether you receive fair compensation for your damages. Many victims often make mistakes that jeopardize their chances of getting the settlement they deserve.

Common Mistakes You Ought to Avoid

Here are common mistakes you want to avoid after a car accident, regardless of whether you are at fault or not. An experienced car accident attorney can take you through the steps of what you should and shouldn’t do if you’ve been involved in a recent accident.

Failure to call the police — Contacting law enforcement after an accident is very important. You need to involve them in the situation so they can promptly come to the scene, provide help if needed, and complete an accident report. The police can help survey, investigate, and conclude the probable cause or causes of the accident.

Although the police report does not definitely identify the fault for civil liability resolution, their professional judgment is considered valuable in establishing what caused the accident. A thorough and accurate accident report can help strengthen your case.

Admitting fault— while it is natural to want to clear things up as soon as possible, apologizing is something most lawyers would advise you against. Saying sorry may end up causing you more harm than good. It is advisable to stay quiet and let your lawyer do the talking.

Waiting too long — many states have a time limit for filing a complaint after an auto accident. If you miss the deadline, you’ve likely lost the opportunity to file a request for compensation. Get the ball rolling as soon as you possibly can.

Accepting a settlement too soon — sure, you want to get it over with, and it happens that the parties involved in the accident would rather settle things themselves. Although this seems simple and plausible, this is a bad idea. For example, what if the person at fault offers to write you a check to cover your damage and losses, but doesn’t follow through?

You are at risk with your insurance company for not timely reporting the accident to them. You might also end up finding yourself at the losing end of the bargain because more damages materialize after the accident.

Not consulting a lawyer —Obtaining fair compensation after a car accident can turn into a very complex process. You can be sure that the insurance companies involved will be working hard to minimize the amount of money they have to pay out. Failing to consult with an experience attorney can cost you big in the long run.

Car accidents are nerve-racking, to say the least. Make the process easier by seeking assistance from a knowledgeable St. Louis car accident attorney so you can be confident in getting rightful compensation.

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